The world says be nice,
Be caring and listening.
But how about we get real for a second,
And say what we want to say.
You’ll be called mean,
Insensitive, ruthless and cold.
I have friends
Some are nice,
Gentle and caring,
In a genuine way.
Others are mean and cruel narcissists,
Who hurt me with their words
All the time,
And say they don’t love anyone
More than themself,
That they know their worth!
It’s very intimidating,
Or are you easily intimidated!
Strong-minded fellows,
Who know what they want,
And go to lengths to achieve it.
People see them as heartless,
Creatures who never care about others.
Most of us are comfortable,
With what we have.
We listen what we want to listen,
So we prefer kind words.
The heartless will tell you the brutal truth,
Expose your insecurities,
Bare, and bring you down to earth.
And sometimes a reality check is the only charity we need!

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