I used to know what love was,
Simple, like those funky smiley faces
I made in the last page of my school book
“I’ll find my soulmate
And then we’ll be together forever”
I used to say
But then I grew up
And the smiles faded
The childish past became a blurred memory
As I fumbled for truth in today’s grown-up reality
I don’t know what love is,
But love isn’t lonely
And love isn’t anguish
Love might be crazy
But love isn’t the teardrop rolling down my
cheek that keeps saying “I miss him”
But I say, “He’s right here, right next to me”
“But I still miss him”
I love you
As simple as these words are,
They’re like spiderwebs running miles long in my head
I love you but honey,
We’re pieces from two different puzzles
mistakenly thrown into the same box
Hoping to fit into each other
Trying to create a picture that doesn’t exist
We’re that incomplete piece of song,
the artist left long enough to forget
Somewhat like that discarded novel
which could have been a hit
In you, I found my peace
But in you, I lost my sanity
You are my dearest friend
That someone I’ll think about
After hearing a love song on the radio
After reading a poetry on instagram
After my last drink of whiskey in the night
And after my first sip of coffee in the morning
You’re the man I’ll leave my heart to
Because I know it’ll find solace no place else
And when they ask, “What happened?”
“Why did it end?”
Just say that I left
We both know by now,
There’s no explaining the love that we shared.
If they ask, “Do you miss her?”
Smile and say the most obvious lie.
We both know,
There’s no forgetting “us.”

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