The little dance of every drizzle
That’s hitting the corners of every wall
Caught her attention
Just like how she remember his
Every little detail that left a deep scar
Carved with his memories
Her heart forgot to respond the pain
Embracing his purple blazer
To the point of suffocation
To not let his consoling scent
Leave her alone in that cruel night
Encircling the same empty thoughts
She pretended to have a smile on her face
Clasping her numb soul
She never accepted his absence
Never asked for a shoulder to cry on
Because her tears never left
Because she doesn’t want to relieve,
Herself from this agony
How hard it is to replace you
Like a dark cloud hovering over
Is it okay to leteit rain?
Or to have it above you until the sunrise
The pain,
Letting it out would’ve been easier
If she doesn’t believe in holding tight
Like a cursed castle
Protecting the precious little one.

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