His & Hers

One tablespoon of fate with a hint of destiny, right place, the right time,
And that’s how I met the woman I’ll one day call mine.
A coffee is all I need when I feel like I’ll drown,
Woke up one Sunday morning & headed to an old café downtown.
The only good thing, not many people know about this place,
Away from all the noise, I could find much needed solace.
Owned by a couple somewhat in their mid-seventies,
Watching them while they work was a joyous source of festivities.

After a detailed and exhausting discussion, I had with myself in my mind,
I sat in a booth, totally detached from the world’s realities of any kind.
The coffee arrived and it wasn’t half bad, my book in my hand,
I wouldn’t move an inch even if the world had come to an end.
Or I thought so, I would move, every inch of my body would.
The windchime at the door struck. Someone entered. Air around the room was different.
But I’m enjoying my book, I don’t want to look, but maybe I should,
I looked up and never want to look down again.

She walked around the room as if she owned the place,
Now she owns my heart and I’m trying my best not to gaze.
She greeted the elderly couple; she’s familiar with the café & its rusty coffee taste,
Waking up on that eventful Sunday morning now didn’t seem such a waste.
She took her place two booths next to mine,
Never had I seen such beauty before, a gentle soul so fine.
Her hair tied in a bun, the back of the pencil touching her soft lips,
The sunshine on her face making her look divine while she takes her coffee’s small sips.

Every small detail about her, I wanted to write down,
Her eyes were a whole lot of black with a little bit of brown.
She untied her hair & they made their way back to her back,
Something happened inside me once I saw the superfluous veins on her neck.
She slid the hair behind her ears & the golden earrings revealed themselves,
And of course, there was a mole on her jaw making me lose control over myself.
Carrying a smile that God made keeping specifically her in mind,
She was calm. She was composed. Not in a hurry of any kind.

The soft glide of her fingers across the pages of the book,
And the synchronised movement of her lips just got me hooked.
Wearing a watch that clearly didn’t belong to the recent times,
Probably her mother’s, one more reason her personality chimes.
As I said, she knew the elderly couple from way back before,
She always used to come there to help with some daily chores.
The café became a second home & I finally had the courage of asking her out,
She & I fit like some pieces of puzzle, there was no room for doubt.

Seven years & two kids later, the café going tradition continues,
All of it would’ve been so different if it wasn’t for my wife, my muse.
The kids are always delighted to visit their grandparents’ café,
Every time I go there, I thank God for that blessed morning of Sunday.
We always stay back and help them close down for the night,
But not before enjoying a family meal served under candlelight.
The proud owner of the café, The Grandpa gives us his blessings like he always does,
This is my heaven. Right here. This café called ‘His & hers’.

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