Peeping through the eyelashes
Of half closed eyes
My sleep is playing hide and seek
And a million thoughts arise
I toss and turn
Seems my mind is on the run
Wandering to my homeland
Where my heart is
Faraway from the maddening crowd
And deafening sounds
Of the cities
Oh! How I long to run away to my homeland
And roam aimlessly
Amidst the yellow green fields of mustard
And soak my breath with
Smell of earthy soil
Until I fall down frazzled
Then get up and wash myself
In the gentle stream flowing nearby
And gaze at the setting sun
As the day bids goodbye
Ah ! My soul is drenched
In the magical potion
Of eternal bliss
As I pause and look around
It makes me feel complete
These memories etched on my heart are so deep
I close my eyes
Hoping to dream of my
Homeland today
And I fall asleep

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