Hope for the best

I wonder the fragrance of the feeling I feel when I see you,
It’s not the feeling I want to hold me back,
The lavish memories of mesmerizing happiness we perceive,
Were the most forgettable, the fuelled hatred inside me for the past,
I love the reaction of me for what I have done in the fields of elegant lords and ladies,
I don’t want to play the roles, the plays I have led in the meadows for shadow back again,
I teared up a designable person to a helpless soul,
To such an extent that it became into an immortal thing for that person even if he is dead,
I realized the wound, I created in the past for the people I owe a thousand penny,
I would love to go back and die,
I would love to meet my fate which was

decided a long time ago,
Wondrous to what I have done is good to the people who have suffered,
The subjected anger for the cruel society we all have,
Outraged me the whole time I have been in this mortal body,
The fuelled hatred for those who betrayed me like I wasn’t even the target,
Insane me like a damaged computer,
I rampages my life like a Nazi attacked town,
I was seriously wounded from the very core of my heart,
I am still breathing inside this destroyed corpse every second after second,
I am just alive and I hope it is not true.

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