What’s your biggest fear? Is it spiders? sharks? Is it failure? Rejection? Mine is a feeling that’s hard to describe. That inexplicable pit of despair, that zaps all energy to move or cry. That turbulent darkness that crashes in sudden waves with seemingly no external cause and therefore no clear cut solution. No ready escape. What ultimately gets me through in times like these is a little thing called hope. Hope that it will get better. That healing is possible. That joy awaits just around the corner. A lot of people think hope is naive. I think hope is essential. To have hope is to be brave. It’s to recognise vulnerability while declaring resilience. It’s to stare nihilism in the face and refuse to blink. We often conceptualise hope as the means to an end. A makeshift bridge to aid us across troubled waters. But maybe we should appreciate hope as an end in itself. Not a bridge but a destination. Hope is the catalyst for individual and collective action. Galvanising us to fight another day. Hope is the fuel of the human spirit. It might be futile to hold blind faith that everything will be okay in the end because it might not. Shit happens. But hope in its active form is seizing the beauty in the possible. The possibility of a brighter future. A sanctuary in which you can find refuge of your own power to construct a tunnel that leads to the light.

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