How a Night of Horror Turned into a Day of Joy

Life gives us many surprises. The sweetest of those are the one that come wrapped in a shock. Before that night, I never believed that life can present us with such beautiful moments just when we feel the road in front is full of darkness 

I had been a lone traveler throughout my college days – it could be my unsocial being – I am not sure but I always loved travelling alone. Many times I just made some plans and started. Even my roommates in hostel had absolutely no idea where I headed. I simply felt fun in accepting all challenges on my own and finding solutions for those. And one night I found one of the biggest surprises while travelling alone.

I think somebody posted in Orkut, yes – it’s that old a story, a list of unexplained mysteries about the Sri Jagannath Temple of Puri. I was in total disagreement with the claim that flags on top of the temple flatter against the wind direction. I decided to have a crosscheck myself. Anyways, Puri had been on my bucket list for a very long time. It was a Thursday afternoon when our student Union decided to stay absent from classes the next day – they had some issues with the administration. It was a good excuse for me. It did not take much time to finalize the itinerary. There was a night train going Puri that night and another returning the next night – the most suitable and affordable for me because I would not have to stay in a hotel. 

I went to Howrah station and bought one general ticket and then waited for the train to arrive on station. The reservation list was hung well before that and I found that S9 had some unreserved seats. Now it was time to hunt for the TTE for S9. He was nearby. He tried to pretend that there are many people still in waiting list but eventually gave me a seat number and told he will be coming later. That was a big success because the plan B was to seat near the Door on a newspaper. The train was mostly full. In my coup, the other five were a family of five – a baby girl, her parents and grandparents. The side berths had a two curious guy who looking suspiciously to everybody. They spoke to almost all the vendors who came, enquired about their product and unanimously decided the quality was poor.

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  1. Sidhu Jetha

    The story is amazingly free flowing.. You should consider writing more like this. The characters were described superbly and sometimes with a touch of sarcasm which is beautiful… consider writing a novel.

  2. Suvendu Dey

    Well written, in a simple narrative, about an almost lost art form of Bengal. The author’s Bohemian nature and romanticism clearly comes out in this short story. More importantly, the story, or the travelogue, touches upon minute details, that makes reading it all the more interesting. Kudos to the author for shedding light on one of Bengal’s fast vanishing traditions, and giving it some relevance. I hope, more people will now visit the village of Naya and take more interest in Patachitra. Thanks to the author for writing an interesting travelogue, with a social message.

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