human and hypocrisy

You become the fascism,
You swore to destroy,
You cannot accept the viewpoint
Contradicting your mind.

You become the radical,
You scoffed at, your whole life,
You cannot understand the position,
Rigid, just like your choice.

You become the dictator,
You didn’t vote for, due to pride,
You spit and spew hatred,
Ganging up and churning out bile.

You become the corrupt,
You talked against, every night,
Your family sees you in awe,
Not noticing the hidden sly.

You become the capitalist,
You took your banners with a war-cry,
You visit chains to ornate,
Your vain feed, forever vile.

You become the ignorant,
You called names, every time,
You cannot see the insincerity,
In the words you post online.

You become the hypocrite,
You propagate peace with hellfire,
The last time you didn’t check the facts,
There were riots in the empire.

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