I wonder if there’s an end to it,
The spectrum of human behaviour,
I wonder if we’re already hanging off the two extremes
The very good and the very bad,
Or will this thread strain even longer?
Is there anything left to witness?
“There are certain mysteries in this world even the masters of master cannot answer”
And if that’s the case,
I guess I’ll forever remain a prisoner of my own turbulent thoughts,
Trying to figure out a pattern,
A number, a theory, even just a symbol.
Anything at all to understand the wicked magnanimity of our thoughts
Why is it that we behave the way we do?
Ranging from utter benevolence to brutal murder sprees,
Why is it that we’re too good to be true at times,
And too cruel to be sane at other?
We’re a weird species,
With even weirder discriminations,
We’re a coherent whole when it comes to books, stories and poetries
But we’re mercilessly carved up into a million parts,
Each with its own set of personal prejudices,
When it comes to the daunting three dimensional reality.
I wonder if there’s an end to it all,
To the biases and wickedness of human reasoning,
And I hope there is,
But at the same time,
I’m terrified of the final culmination
Will it all end in an alliance or a… war?

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