Hymn of Death

The love that brought us to the edge of this life,
aged like fine wine, spilling as saccharine words
tumbled past our lips, and we looked at each other.
The flowers blossoming in our chest never wilted,
and with the nightingale’s song of death ringing in our ears,
eyes closed, holding our breath, fingers intertwined,
we took a final leap of faith together.
Drowning, in water, in our love, in the blood that’s tainted black,
for we were traitors, dabbling in treachery.
Yet, somehow, it felt right to never look back,
it felt right to die with you, than spend
another hour suffocating with an obsidian heart,
emotions bottled up and locked in like a ship
that’s stuck, never sailing, confined in glass.
It pains my heart, you’ve been through a world of suffering,
unspoken words, tight-lipped smiles, unshed tears.
Rest assured, angel, you were too good for the world,
rest assured, for you are safe here.
You are free to love to your heart’s desire,
and die for your heart’s desire.

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