You know me as a girl
But I am much more,

You see me twist and twirl
on vibrant days,
you might have observed how my toes curl
with pleasure and pain;

look closer
delve deeper,
do you see the darkness behind my eyes?
Do you see how feeble are my knees?
Do you notice the small twitches
which give away, only fleetingly, how I feel?

Do you observe
how I am blank most of the days?
How most of my time passes in a daze?

You see me all simple and sorted,
but the inside of my head is twisted
in complex ways;

I am not what you think,
I am not so simple and straight;
To grasp a fragment of me
you’ll have to break through
hell’s hot iron gates.

And if you still wish to have a little taste,
all I can say is,
”What a waste!”
I sigh! What a waste!!

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