I Am The Writer Of My Life

Hear my voices that even the thunder fears,
Quench your thirst in the drops of my tears.

I fear none in the world
My power tames the world instead,
The mountains bow before me,
This soil shivers under my step.

No ocean so mighty , no ice so bold
To force me to retreat,
The lightning flowing through my veins
Announces all others’ shuddering defeat.

Colours of my palette smears the land,
The spectrum is engraved in the span of my hand
My paintbrush paints through wonders of universe,
I create that infinity where all stars immerse.

I am that fire that can’t be blown out,
Hit me more but I shall still shout out.

I stand alone amidst the crowd,
Yet my strength outshines all obstacle
Remember before you mess with me,
That I shall always be Invincible.

Am fed by the glory that unstoppingly flow,
Meet me when I shine in the alpenglow,
Meet me when I shine in the afterglow……

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