i forgot the title

i’m stuck,
at home,
and I forget the little things,
like the name of the big triangles in the desert,
but I know my favourite dessert –
i’m stuck,
at home,
and I forget the face of my love,
their memories all scattered.
i forget my own face,
mostly because of the mirrors that I shattered.
i’m stuck,
at home,
and I forget the joy of grander things,
like walking in the rain or swimming with my friends.
now I see the joy in the little things,
like a fresh cup of coffee or the turn of a page.
i’m stuck,
at home,
and I forget basic things,
you know like punctuations
the meaning of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
and how to expand abbrs
im stuck
at home
and I forget poetry
and then of course everything is just sentences but sentences are good dont you agree its not as elegant but it still serves a purpose a purpose to express however blank and cold an emotion buried deep inside us that finally reveals its true self as you explore the crushing depths of your mind but you soon realize that its all ok because you dont remember your way back and are now stuck with your demons that you will exorcise slowly yet with satisfaction this brings joy this brings peace this brings maturity you emerge a new being instilled with confidence and hope hope that you and everyone else around you will get out of this unscathed who am I kidding you stopped reading a long time back and I don’t blame you its just that you don’t like long sentences that or its a factor of the twisted and misconstrued society around us hey don’t look at me its just my opiniated philosophy that or a rancid fantasy breaking through the seams or its just the lack of punctuations it can be confusing
im stuck at home and I I I forgot
pyramids yes pyramids that’s what they are got it

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