I Got Cold feet

Never make the 1st move
A wise millennial friend once said
It’s the sperm that comes to egg
You should wait
If he likes he will confess

But I know in the hearts of my hearts
That is just the movies
The real is now
But I have got cold feet

So, I let him slip Let him fade
Till he comes back
in my dreams again
So, I just glimpse at him from a mile
‘cuz I have got cold-feet

but there are times
when I feel the butterflies
not restrain my smile
stars trucked
laying there
thinking all about
how I’ll propose him
but I have got cold feet

why don’t you wear your courage?
when you need the most!
I remind myself
not let this man go
Like the one before
But I have got cold feet

Sealed lips
Do more damage than
An aching heart
And ruining friendship is an art
for those who confront the most
a sad lie that I believe in
reliving my miseries
No matter what
‘cuz I have got cold feet.

Part of my heart knows he likes me
And there is a part which completely denies it
But he got jealous that day
Or maybe it was just me
As I always wanted him to feel like that

Wish I was a mind reader
Things would be simpler
Or no filter in my mouth
So, I could just speak up my mind
But I have got cold feet.

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