I walk away.

We sat there for hours,
Watching the stars
Shining bright like pearls
Glittering in the dark blue skyline
“Beautiful”, I said.
“Beautiful indeed”, his raspy voice came.
While I was busy staring at the nature’s marvel,
He was staring at me instead. His eyes, unmoving.
I knew he meant what he said,
For the shine in his eyes showed it all.
Like I was the only one that mattered
Like I made his heart smile
Like I was the only one. His only one.
“Ugh so cheesy”, I quipped.
Scared of the scorching intensity
In the deep pools of his eyes.
“It was what it is”, came his words tumbling.
Rolling my eyes, I brush him away.
But deep down, we both knew
That moment was enough.
Enough for my heart to sway
For I was too tired of ignoring the sincerity
The truth in his words,
The love in his actions.
A playful bump against his arm,
And I walk away.
Tired of fighting every sinful urge,
Ignoring the sweet ache in my chest,
I walk away.

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