I know I petrify you. I see your alarmed eyes
Appalled, as I spit in the face of tradition.
What tradition? A travesty
A charade of distorted discipline, drilled in young
To make a machine more than man, a mockery of life.
You try to suffocate me, hands clawing at my neck;
And claim it’s for my welfare.
That a broken person fits the mold better
A universal constraint, disguised as a norm.
You chain me to the walls,
And scream verses of normalcy in my face.
Promise hollow rewards for submission,
As you attempt to rip away my skin, to plant your poison.
But I shall not yield, for my heart knows a burning red.
And I will climb the corpses of all who fell before me;
To get closer to my own furnace, before the flame runs aground
Because even if my Icarus falls, he will fall with grace
A free mind, a free man
And you, a coward, will call it the devil’s work
Go ahead then, condemn my will for you know it will not be bent
Call me a sinner, and sign my name as a warning
Kill me for treason. Kill me in the name of your God.
I will die a martyr.

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