If Belladona could kill

“Sorry?” I came to life.
“469… 938 divided in two… 469.You were asking. Here’s a 500. Keep the change.” You chuckled.

You see, that’s the issue. You know how they joke about; a pair of boobs being the only things when a man can concentrate on two things at once? It was a similar situation, minus the boobs. Believe me, I’d like to have nothing against them (except my body) but, they are a variable and each of us has our own preference; big, small, bulging or even silicone-d. But, if you moved up, a little; the neck. If I could, I’d say necklines are under-rated.
It was a pretty dark monsoon evening and a dimly lit restaurant. It was drizzling outside. You were drunk. The humidity in the air and KF in your blood was already working its magic. You pulled your hair up. A single drop of sweat squeezed through the strands flowing down the smooth leathery curve of your neck trying to hold onto whatever grounds it could. The candle light followed it into the cleavage .Again, no matter how big of a nerd you are, that’s a distraction. I was about to follow it too when you laughed. That was the other boob. Unlike all the poets in the world, I don’t want to share it.

Side note: One of the side effects of being under the influence of alcohol is reduced reflexes. That’s why painters, writers, mathematicians, physicists and sorts tend to consume it while working as it slows them down to re-look at the steps that their overthrusting brain has skipped.

As we were heading back to the cab, I realized, I should’ve had some too. I didn’t want to miss a thing about you. I couldn’t stop looking at you. The beer did make you slide down the seat, a little. Your dress slid up, a little. You were semi-blinking as the hands slowly moved the dress across your thighs, back to the original state. Your head turned slightly towards me and the wet curve was back. You were too busy being seductively sleepy to notice me staring at you. Until you did… Almost… I think. I could see you smile. Wider. I believe I spent the rest of the time looking at your boobs As if that was safer.

“How was he?” your roommate asked.
“That was fast! Even for you!”
“… Just that I was the smoky beef an he was the salivating kid by the window”

The following day, there was a news of a murder at your locale. It was a big story on TV. Everyone from eminent news reporters to politicians were going to be involved. It wasn’t you. I didn’t know what I was doing there that evening, especially when it would rain any minute. I dropped you way outside what I believed was your lane and for god’s sake I didn’t even know your building. My desperation of laying eyes on you again was covered with a thin packaging of concern. So as an introverted-fool as I could be, I found an abandoned under-construction building and climbed to the top hoping to find some clue to your place. The terrace was a little higher than most of the building in that whole area. Years of rains and sunlight helped the vegetation to seep through the concrete. The only thing that was protected was a pair of chairs under the shed with a surprisingly clean piece of flowing cloth over them.

“Rooftop restaurant. Nice.”

“Dance bar, actually.” Said, the voice from the back of the stairs.

You stood up. You were wearing a white sleeveless top and chequered shorts and beer in your hand. That was your wet shirt drying over that chair used to to cover the wet sleeveless. Apparently, your apartment was at the end of the lane and you like to sneak in here for a beer time-to-time. Or something like that. Remember what I told you about necks and boobs? Well, it was all philosophical bullshit. Do not listen to me. But do try to listen to the slathering voice of two wet breasts dancing over their own skin. You caught me once again. That wide smile again. You stopped for a second. Pulled those hair up into a bun. The two boob theory holds, again. Although, I was too busy concentrating on them to explain anything.

“Stalking me huh?” you said, walking towards me.
“What? N…No.”
I don’t exactly know what expression I had on my face but, I was pretty sure it was transparent. You weren’t stopping. Your slow semi-blinking, the slightly shiny lips due to the beer and, the cold winds were hitting it at all the right places and wrong places simultaneously.

“You want some?” You uttered as you offered me the beer.
“No. No. No. No…” A step back. Fool!
“Come on. No one’s watching. I promise.” Closer. I could hear you breathe. Louder than my racing heartbeat.

Suddenly, you stopped.

“How about now?”

You raised the bottle slightly over your head. Tilted a little to the right. Waited for a second. Made sure our eyes made the contact. Bottoms-up but, this time all the golden liquid flowed down the cheeks; making way through the slight dimple under the lips, down to the neck; gathering over at the folds and finally inside the top. She knows it mister. It was like the river of knowledge; revealing more and more of you as it was absorbed in the top.
That’s it. No movement at all. Those slightly parted lips that tilted wet neck and empty beer bottle in the hand. It was an invitation. And I obliged.
I lunged towards you and buried my lips over that jugular. I suppose, the beer is a little bitter; the reason I stopped and opened my eyes for a second. But, as soon as your hands slid over my thighs, I couldn’t stop anymore. These were multiple kinds of thirst I was experiencing for the first time. \
My left hand was resting you head but, the right one couldn’t find a landing. I started from your fingers, rushing up towards the shoulder. Covering the complete back until I realized a perfect drip over your ass. Obviously, the other one moved towards the other cheek. At first, I was just fondling it but slowly, I think I got a little aggressive, since you arched away from me for a second. I was embarrassed. I completely removed my hands from your body. You pulled me towards you and this was the first time lips have touched each other, at least in reality. It was the whole shebang; the massaging of under-ears, the wriggling of tongues, the closed eyes. I was intermittently shifting a little right to go over the jawline. Every last drop of that trickling beer should be consumed. The law of the land.
You slowly pushed me towards one of the chairs. I sat down and you sat on my lap. Total relative displacement of the lips is still zero. Your hands start moving under my T-Shirt. I think it’s time to get down to business. I lift my Tee up and you start working over my body now. I remember feeling you just over the button, then the ribs, the nipples, the neck, jawline. But, you don’t go back to the lips. Instead, you go to the other jawline. You stayed for a longtime at the neck. Looks like we have something in common.
Then you went down again. A quick sigh of – Make up your mind lady! And down, and down. Pants aren’t exactly a bra. They get unbuttoned like pulling a pizza slice. And out came the tool. Penises are more obedient than men themselves. It was hard even before you even thought about it. But something happened here. You waited again, to make eye contact. To give me that smile. To lick that tip. It’s like you were marking your own territory. You kept doing that for the few more times until I arched back in pleasure and pain. Then you went a little down. One penis completely covered in your saliva, coming right away. Then it was a small kiss back at the tip. Bigger. Bigger. Eventually, I was completely inside your mouth. The first time you rocked back and forth was the first time I moaned too. After that, you didn’t stop. You didn’t need to. You knew how to cover the shtick and I would never be any more grateful.
Up until now it was just you doing the stuff and me hogging over whatever I get. My insecure-ass thought I should be doing something too. So, I gradually moved my hands on your hips and pushed you away. I had to push hard, you are a force. Pushed it hard enough to put you on the other chair. Stopped for a second. The beer-eyes opened a little. I slid my hands down there and up goes your top. There! I see that broad, evil smile again.
The lips are back to their respective places but, the hands have a new job now. They are supposed to knock at the front door. I slowly pushed you back and moved the lips down by two levels. The shrews needed some taming. I was actually proud of the fact that I was literally timing my licking time over each of your nipples to assure an equal satisfaction ratio. I still am. My hands instead, slid over the belly button and stopped just above the clit. A pair of fingers massaging the outer skin. We didn’t need to hurry. But, you had other plans. You held my hand and thrust them inside you, fast enough to make moan for the first time.

“I dare you to get them out of there.” You huffed.

Again, I obliged. I could see that you didn’t care about the surrounding with the lack of hesitation while moaning. Eventually, it got so loud that I had to cover your face which you obviously removed. But, I stopped. You got pulled out of that ecstasy. You looked into my eyes like a lost puppy. I moved down again. But, this time I didn’t stop until I reached down under. I cupped your clit with my mouth. The only thing between my lips and yours was a thin pair of shorts. It took you less than 3 seconds to throw them away as I worked my way back there. But, this time I took the wrong way. Your toes were a little dirty but, I didn’t care. I moved back up but, slower. As slow as I could be. And furthermore when I reached the thighs. Frantically, you pulled my hair and put me right where you wanted me. Took my hands and put them over your boobs and then back to ‘joysticking’ my head. Man you like to be in control.
It was like a chain reaction, I would lick you down there, your hips would soar in the air, followed by your rib cage, and then the chest ending with your lips parting a little as you exhale quite audibly. Soon, as I increased my speed, the lips part further, the exhalations turned into moans. The faster I go, the louder you get.
… And just before you climax, I would slow back down. I did it once, you let me go. Twice; you nearly pulled my hair out and the end of the third time you gave me the fiercest death glare you could ever produce. You pushed down on the ground so hard that I was about to hit my head. All of this and your death glare didn’t change a bit. You came up. Sat onto me. I knew I was going to be ridden to heaven and I thought I had prepared myself. I was wrong.
You started slow. You weren’t looking at me but, I could see that smile again on your face. A little faster; I was already moaning but, this time you made absolutely no sound.
Faster; I was already flying. I mean, I was supposed to cup those beautiful breasts of yours but, it was difficult to be in control.
Faster; I have lost my control over this. I was barely holding onto your butt. I think this is it.
Faster; What are you woman? I don’t even know where I am now.
Faster; I see nothing but darkness. I know that two humans are screaming in pleasure over here but, I don’t seem to be able to hear anything over the flowing fluids.
Faster; Explosion! I mean, I’m still blinded by the white light. I’m still deafened by the heartbeat. But, I’m not sure if I’m on earth. For the past few seconds I was on a different plane.

You fell over me. We are breathing heavily but, in tandem. You hair were all over my face. Your head on my chest. I think we need a break before we move out. I think we deserve that break.
You invited me over to your apartment for a coffee, the actual one, I hope. You wanted to introduce me to your flatmate. She was getting ready to leave for a party. I knew it because I could see her through the small slit of the door. Remember what I told you about wet boobs? Well, it was all philosophical bullshit. Do not listen to me. But, do try to imagine a cute pair of ass under a green dress.
The following day, there was a murder in your locale. I’m not sure if that wasn’t you.

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