I will burn every last cottage, run down each of those forbidden streets. Destroy any illusionary caution that warns me to slow down, and I will come back for you.
I will entertain every thought that helps me reminisce, your sparkling caramel eyes to the point I have no lingering fear of death, cocooning my miserable life.
I will sing fearlessly as I cross the cherry blossom boulevards and bow down before the god of grief. I will ask for their forgiveness as I have a lover to meet.
I will remember every city that I fly by like a believable tale, for we need something to talk about when I finally climb out of this hell.
I will bring you berries dipped in sweet blood, petals of the black orchid and a blind vulture’s feather.
I will tell you about the lover’s curse and the night I counted stars with the gargoyle mother.
I promise to honor the goblin of north and fight the angels that tell me otherwise. I will stop to help the centaurs complete the ritual of sacrifice.
I will remember to stir clear of the presumptuous wolf prince and its magical kingdom. Its only you that I worship, and I will slaughter anyone that parts me unsolicited wisdom.
I never thought they would snatch you from my arms and I would end up as a prisoner of their inhuman charms. I would sincerely apologize to make you wait and suffer; you’ll be awed with the redemption I have to offer.
I will search every haunted willow, chase after the deceiving moonlight, scream your name and put up a good fight. I won’t give up even if they call my name, I know you collapsed under my betrayal and it’s such a shame.
The one-eyed demon will dance again.
The glitter rain will wash away the pain.
Even after long hundred years I won’t know what to do, but have patience, my love, for I will come back for you.

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