I’ll keep marching.

Oh, dear life.
scar me or bleed me.
I keep marching.
Fire your fiercest bullets.
right at me
I keep marching.
fix my gaze firm ahead,
until every part of me is put down.
I’ll keep marching towards you,
past your bullets and cannonballs,
past your threats and smirks,
through your doubts and shouts.
Because I am a War machine,
set with a firm aim.
and living you,
Oh, my life is my war.
I’ll fight you with all my might,
until my lungs are worn out
to hold any breath.
I’ll keep fighting you
with every inch of my strength,
until my body has been dismantled,
in a strongly worn-out collapse.
Because I am the war machine
meant to wage war against this petty life.

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