I’m scared, and I overcame

I’m scared, truly and deeply
Of the pervasive nature of the mind
I’m scared of the mendacious propaganda that people wield
And the manipulation to which most are blind

I’m wary of the vivid moments between dreams
And the place between ice and fire
I shudder when I think about what lies between greed
And the potency of ambition and desire

I’m terrified of a dark and dreary place
Where kindness is no more than fantasy
Where generosity loses its meaning and values
And where morals wither as far as the eye can see

I’m afraid of sadness in all it’s volatile stages
Guilt, depression and revenge
The inexplicable outbursts of raw emotion
And the need to harm and avenge

I’m wary of a lie, gorgeous to the eye
Which conceals an ugly truth
I’m afraid of getting carried away too easily by false prospects
For lies are all shades of evil, and another word for wasted youth

I’m afraid of the fact that I will never be enough
I vie to make to make those around me proud
I’m scared of silence, and the mysteries it hides
But also of what you hear when your thoughts speak out loud

I’m afraid, terrified, of a world where
Even the blind can see the broken dreams
And as the carnage proceeds, the deaf can hear
Coming from the mute, blood-curdling screams

I’m wary of anger, and it’s mysterious madness
It is indeed a bad advisor
The things you say when possessed by this evil notion
Can scorch the heart like a raging fire

I did overcome the fear of my thoughts
I listened and revelled in their voices
I overcame my fear of being too indecisive
And realised I had the power to make my own choices

I overcame the stigma that problems are illicit
And realised a hidden truth
A person is nothing without the strength of having
Problems, regardless whether they’re the aged or youth

I overcame toxic people, realised they can’t be changed
As I saw them bringing down people around them for fun
I’ve learnt to never trust those who believe their own lies
Negative and manipulative people are the one to shun

I did overcome a fear of the unknown
And embraced the mystery of life
I learnt to laugh through the bitterness of tears
And tear through the poisonous sheets of strife

I overcame my fear of hidden evils
And the dormant embers of a vicious flame
I overcome the fear of basking in greed and hatred
A prelude to what’s hell in all but name

I did overcome the fear death, considered taboo by most
Some say it’s an addictive blissful peace and want more
Whatever mystery it is, death waits for all, unbiased
And its not death you love, but the moment before

I overcame the fear of silence, an invisible gag
And shock at what my untreated guilt and revenge became
Helpless as I watch the bricks of truth crumbling
I overcame this epitome of pain in all but name

I did escape the prison of helplessness
And break the shackles of the stigma that women don’t have a choice
But to take one for the country. Now I’ve decided to sing
And shout for the woman who can’t find their voice

Though sometimes fear is all I know
And it envelopes a shining day and turns my world black
I remember the things I did overcome
Stare at the sun, and never look back

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