I’m watching you

It’s not easy being a mirror you see, quite a strenuous job one could call it. Of course there’s not much going around or talking, but a mirror has to face a lot of things people don’t. Oh! I beg your pardon, how foolish of me to commence this little extract out of my memoir without an introduction. I was brought into this house about 10 years ago, a house that consists of Mr. Ralph, his wife Maya and out of all, my favourite, little Paul. That’s about all I know about this abode, I blame it on the brown paper wrappings that obstructed my view while they carried me into Paul’s room. If you’re finding it difficult to imagine the way I must’ve looked back then, here ; a Walnut brown, French Mirror. Magnificent that I was, I’d watch each member of the family take turns to come and look at me. It got repetitive overtime, but what can I say, it’s my job to simply keep looking at things. And throughout this somewhat futile life of mine, I have indeed come across so many events and incidents that make it even more difficult for me to keep things to myself. Mr. Ralph for that matter, used to always walk into the room and search through Paul’s belongings for heaven knows what. I wish I could’ve told Paul about it. He was young back then, I’d say about thirteen. He used to come in front of me and make silly faces, pretended to be a “pirate” at times. Didn’t know what that was, what I did know was that he was kind. He sprayed this misty substance on my face which made me go blind but then rubbed a damp cloth across it and ahh! I could see much better now! I never really bothered about dust settling on my frame, Maya took care of that. Of course after scolding Paul for not doing it himself. But the scolding never ended there, after a couple of years, I often heard screaming and shouting from other areas of the house as well. I assume it was the same type of conversations that took place between the three of them in this room itself sometimes. Nevertheless, Paul wasn’t all good as you think he was, cheeky little fellow I must say. He introduced me to Olivia. Well, it embarrasses me to speak about it in detail, but let’s just say clothes coming flying across at me wasn’t necessarily funny, you see. That stopped after a while. In fact, a lot had come to an end soon. No more misty substance, no more dusting. No more silly faces that I could see. Only Paul’s face, blank, sometimes tears rolling down his eyes. My vision was blurry, but I could still see. One not so fine day however, I think Paul wanted to see if he could walk right through me, strange as I thought it was, it did scare me a little. He stood there in front of me, staring right into my eyes. And before I could know, he smashed his head into me. And I felt somewhat, broken. My vision deteriorated and all I could see was Paul sobbing. I could hear Mr. Ralph walk in at that moment. “What have you done to the mirror, you maniac?” he asked Paul. I was confused, what had happened to me? But then, Maya who had just walked in cleared it for me, “Lord, he’s broken it hasn’t he? Bloody swine” I was broken, and just like any other mirror would tell you, that’s the end of us. “Maya, better get it dumped first thing in the morning”, said Mr. Ralph. That’s it, I was going to be out of that house the next day. I wish I could’ve been left alone with my thoughts for that very last night at least. But no, about an hour after the lights were turned off, Paul woke up and turned them back on. I didn’t feel like looking at him at that night, he was responsible for breaking me. But not having any other choice, I watched as he pushed his bed aside, dragged a chair from the corner and placed it right in front of me. He stood upon the chair and had a white rope which he tied around the ceiling fan. He put his head around the rope and began to sob. I simply watched him, confused at this strange act of his. And before I could process any further, He looked at me and said “It’s all your fault”, before kicking the chair off below him. He fell asleep right there. I was thrown away the next morning, because all that I know of, it indeed was my fault. I could’ve hurt anyone near me…

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