In Life

In Life, you get to meet a lot of people.
Some are like storms. They come gushing into your life, make a huge impact and when they leave, it becomes hard to move on. You end up clearing all the mess that they left as a memento.
Some are like sunshine after rains: They come as a ray of hope just when you feel that everything is falling apart in your life. They tend, they mend, they guide, and they mold, and when they leave, unlike the storms, all you are left with are the wonderful memories that could be cherished upon.
Some are like books: You get to live with them, understand them, allow them to influence you and indulge you into those mysteries to find true wisdom. And when they leave, the reality hist you on your face leaving you wondering what to do next.
Some are like mirage: you chase them for their love, their attention, their care. You try to prove your point. You try to show that you are worthy to be loved. In the end, all you get is a heartbreak.
learn to discern.
Learn to observe.
Gain wisdom.
Life is just a passing cloud; here today, gone tomorrow.
And no matter what you encounter, know that you are worth far more than what you deserve.

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