In Love with the man of Uniform

She has no desires to love the uniform and be proud;
For her the chime of his calmness & charmness was more loud.
She want to serve that person and his family.
Who had courage to die for the nation happily
Always she needed a man who is loving,
The one who acknowledges her emotions without saying.
Whensoever’s she thinks about him & thought he is perfect,
She loves him thoroughly & without any expect.
She loves him because of his notion and heart;
She is in love with him not with his pride profession and when he departs.
Whenever he for serving the nation and on for wars,
Her breaths are so heavy that they goes far and far.
She always carve for his company and burn in loneliness,
But she fights her sorrow, she acts like a lioness.
She always pray for his long and safe life,
Because she knows her worth as a warrior’s wife.
Sometimes she is on cloud nine looking at the stars on his shoulder,
But she more wishes to together become older.
Yes, in love with the man in uniform;
No not his uniform, but only the man in form.

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