under a stary night
the wind blows swift ,
the road with no mass around
and there stand the two love birds …
and she says “tonight soon will be long ago….
another fall another snow”
he replied “love is here to say ,this will not sway in a day”
to the twilight to the dusk to dawn, and to the moon
suddenly her hands went cold ,eyes got filled with tears
and he says “will return triumphant leading the pride ,and you will be exhilarated when I come “
“the remorse will be tender”
“we will see the world together and the sun will shine vivid and you will welcome me with summer roses, love with little hands and a thousand memories
and she says “I am here to potray what you say ,I wont betray
little do she know that the fate was yet to decide mercy or cruelty conviction to a tragedy
and the day comes the sun rose high again shining so bright
and a letter comes with the note of bereavement ,atonement
to allude the awaiting soul
the trails go cold,
the loss of the incontestable
the loss of the bonzer

shock, pain , grief and mourn
but what to do when the man is gone…

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