Into the Void

I was simply breathing
Not dealing with anything
Staring straight into darkness
Not knowing what or why
Ignorance indeed is a bliss
Oh what Joy beholds to be dismissed?
Oh what more could I give
for that death’s kiss
Oh what more could I give
to get hold of that bliss
Oh I was falling…
Spiralling into abyss
Oh I was crawling…
Oblivious to any thought
And Into the Void

Like a shimmer
You came into my life
Holding that torch light
Making me crawl back to you
When I dint seem to find my space
You cast out to me your rope
You filled it with hopes once again
Now I know…
I always knew…
Hope is a dangerous game
Coping wouldn’t be the same
Your smile,
Your look,
Your voice,
Your touch,
Your breath,
Your smell
Shredding and picking parts of my soul
You’re kind,
You’re funny,
You’re gentle,
You’re lovely,
You are indeed one of a kind
Shredding and picking parts of my soul
I don’t want to mourn
I don’t want to love
I don’t want to see
I don’t want to believe
I don’t want to hope
I’ve been through this before
I’ve done enough to let go
I’ve known this all along
I’ve tried hard to not cling on
I don’t wanna feel the hurt
Yet I can’t believe I’m doing it
Out of control I spin
Can’t seem to let go
Spiralling down all the more
I ought to let go now
Oh I am falling…
Into my abyss
Oh I am crawling…
Oblivious to Life
And Into the Void.

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