Introvert disease

I don’t know the reason I keep quite,
When people throw stones from side.
I stay silence,
With my inner violence.
But I never shout out,
Cause the disease hold me tight.
I am caged because of my personality,
I am standing alone in the reality
My feelings get dumb,
My blood is numb.
I am not with me,
Cause the society killed me.
Still I crave for my existence,
To make people believe the resistance.
The barriers of my thoughts,
Killing me more and more with drug shots.
Being an introvert I know the truth,
Of life when people try to oppress you,
Where you are already in the burrow,
I tried to came up but failed becouse my soul gave up,
I tried to be a talkative,

But this society suppressed and gave me a kick,
I became to live like in exile,
When I am still here in this country.
Is my capability of tolerance,
Became my only default?
I always struggle to be the agogos,
At least of my life and paths,
Where I have the pedagogy of my lifespan,
I want to be the altruist to everyone,
But my personality with this surrounding made me feeling less,
People thought I am egotist,
But why can’t they get that I am a feminist.
People made me to feel that I am egoist,
But my gender barrier made me speechless.
I fought for my freedom of feelings and desires,
I struggled for my existence to be real,
I am not at all a misogynist,
But yeah I don’t want to stay in a caged

People behave with me like I am a flower,
And made me feel like I am a shower,
Who will close and open on their wishes,
Who will die and live on their orders.
I have the soul inside me,
Which is respiring, breathing and doing all the life processes,
But the expression of my heart and mind,
Is very much low,
Do I deserve this?
Or just people made me make it my luck?

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