It’s Dark

The strange thoughts that envelop my mind
The contract of doom that continues to bind
The seething pain of the world to which most are blind
It’s dark and it’s lonely, but it’s fate intertwined

Where kindness is no more than fantasy
Where life withers as far as the eye can see
When it’s now only ‘I’, and no prospect of ‘we’
It’s dark and it’s lonely, but I can still see

There’s pain in your heart and sadness embedded in you
Most things seem too good to be true
The probably are, but what’re you going to do?
It’s dark and lonely, and it’s where sorrow first grew

There’s nothing left to fight for
All you want is for it to end, this pointless war
And it’s not death you want and love, but the moment before
It’s dark and lonely, but there is always more

A world that even the devil is afraid of
An era when life is desolate and tough
Where you’ve just had it, you’ve had enough
It’s dark and lonely, and God, is it rough

When even the blind can see the broken dreams
And the deaf can hear the screams
Coming from the mute, and as the carnage proceeds
It’s dark and lonely, with no hope for redeems

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