Just like the angel

Strolling through the celestial darkness,
He witnesses a gleaming presence.
He walks faster,
Advancing towards it.
The illumination is blinding;
It doesn’t hinder,
The ardor in his feet.
Feathered lines,
Were becoming conspicuous.
Breathing in the stupendous view,
He bolted towards it.
Now with more verve;
He wants to seize it,
The incandesce,
For the murk around his heart,
To make it vanish.
He is trying;
To reach out,
To seek the beam,
That could have the eloquence,
To clear the mist around him,
His heart,
His soul.
He is sprinting,
Closer with every step.
To bathe in the twinkle,
Of the angel’s radiance.
And dismiss the gloominess;
Allowing the wings,
To embrace him,
And become his armor.
In their warmth,
He will lay,
Shining just like the angel.

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