just think it over don’t overthink

It all starts normally,
A single thought in your head.
But your brain naturally,
Expands it instead.

As is out of habit,
It thinks of the worst case possible.
And before you can stab it,
It starts seeming plausible.

Your heartbeat fastens,
As the possibility becomes firm.
Your breathing hastens,
And you start to squirm.

The pessimistic situation becomes clear,
In your mind you can see it take place.
But the only thing that you most fear,
Is what if it becomes a real case?

You lose your control on your brain,
It starts cooking up baseless conclusions.
When finally you can’t refrain,
From believing in this illusion.

You start believing that it will really happen,
You start fearing the ramifications.
Your control on your thoughts continues to slacken,
As you focus on the situation’s implications.

It scares you and you take stress,
Trying to figure out a solution.
Cause you don’t want to get in the mess,
Which is nothing but a delusion.

But then you start to analyze,
The thoughts in which you were going to drown.
You try to rationalize,
With your mind, to calm it down.

The fear washes away,
As reality dawns on you.
You take control of your brain gone astray,
And save it from the oncoming rue.

Your heartbeat returns to its pace,
And your breathing becomes slow.
You come out of your fearful daze,
And that’s when you come to know.

You can’t let your thoughts take over,
They can ruin you within a blink.
So always just think it over,
But never over think.

Khooshi D Jajoo

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