Lessons learnt

You and I may have only shared a few moments scattered across a lifetime of drama and destiny, but those moments became memories that I can hope, will live long after life and death have had their turn with this physical embodiment of my immortal soul. If I’ve learned to appreciate anything this year, it’s that people will always matter more. Whatever purpose that drives us in life will never be able to overshadow that raw and undeniable longing for love and people. It can perhaps dilute and diminish our addiction to love, maybe even help distract us from wallowing in the self pity that so often accompanies true loneliness. But the thrill, the rush, the adrenaline that follows in the pursuit of that purpose will only last as long as the next wave of powerful memories that assault you at every corner you turn, leaving you vulnerable once again to the lure of a lifetime defined by love. So my advice to you would be to stop fighting your heart. Open yourself to the possibilities, whatever they may be. We cannot live life unscathed. We can only hope that the cumulative of the love we’re fortunate enough to experience, outlives that of our scars. Do not fear the heartbreak, the sorrow, for our hearts are stronger than you know.

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