Let her walk away

She isn’t a conquest or a prize
Not a possession, a shape or a size

Just like you, she has dreams – small and big
She isn’t an object of experiment or a guinea pig

She is a living being to cherish and love
Not an in-between while you search your beloved

Everything done under the sun has a consequence
Yet you went with the flow, in pursuit of competence

She could have been your friend or your guide
But you preferred to take her emotions on a ride

You unburdened your heart, for her to mend
While she wept in silence for you my friend

She wasn’t the one, you knew all along
Yet you steered her heart where it didn’t belong

People aren’t a means to an end
To use or throw or a thing to lend

She is here for a reason, she has her goals
Not here to collect the broken pieces of your soul

But now you know better, so let her go
Let her find a new soil, let her grow

She’s okay if you didn’t feel the same way
Let her chase new dreams, let her walk away

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