Life is a working title

There are thousands of words
But I cant find one to tell you how you feel
I know life gets hard
Trust me its only difficult when you bleed
See what’s right with you, neglect the wrong
You’ll remember life is beautiful when you stood strong
Frightening thoughts, surrounded by frauds
Losing self in a world that’s not ours
Expectations are so misleading
That pessimism seems relatively appealing
Life, is it our cup of tea, or a bottle of eerie?

Maybe if we knew what we shouldn’t and saw what we couldn’t
Expecting the unexpected wouldn’t be a poison
Having it in our lives won’t lead to death
but access to a life of regrets
Knowing that you will be a king, queen or forever losing sounds enticing
But there’s a catch
You can know the unknown but can’t change the fate you own
Do you find it acceptable or inevitable?

Yes, whatever’s meant to be will be
It’s upto one to chase what’s written in their destiny
Introspect the past to learn a pattern
Indulging in it is being stubborn
Imagine your future with all the gem and gold
or maybe just a cozy home to grow old
Living in an imagination is a gamble
Hence today should be considered a gambit

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