Life of an introvert

A morning walk in an alley where new faces greet me,
I nod and smile,
Someone I knew waved me for small talk,
I give an eager smile,
Those people I have known for their character,
Pour compliments for no reason,
I smile,
Nothing is for real I know and every trick is to make me speak,
But I choose to smile,
Among all the chitchats and entertainments,
My mind calls me fake,
Find a word or leave the place, it says,
Please don’t kill me with your pitiful smiles,
But I have found a place in the corner,
With a pleasing smile at everyone I see,
My inner self fidgeting to find a word,
A single word for a reply,
To soothe my yelling mind,
There is none, I find, then I smile,
At last, when bed hugs the drained and angry me,
I begin to cry,
Every fake smile and every fake nod depleted my languid self,
I hear my mind raging and spitting fury,
For not finding a safe spot to save my inner peace,
Apologies I say, next time I won’t smile,
I will find a word I swore,
When a good night’s sleep recharged me,
I began my morning walk with the same smile.

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