Life’s Journey!

Barefoot on a stony ridge,
Far in the horizon,
Lavender highlands,
For as far as the eye can see.

The cool breeze,
Against my cheek.
Makes me wonder,
Of the path ahead.

The sun shines bright,
above my head.
Lighting the way,
To the lavender fields.

Roughness below my feet,
Changes to soft,
Bright green grass,
Of mid-summer.

I find myself,
Taking a path,
Alien to me.
It’s an adventure!

I skip across,
A brook,
Listening to,
the calls of the wild.

The birds chirp,
And twitter.
Monkeys chatter,
And the squirrels squeak.

Finally, I reach,
The lavender fields.
The sweet aroma,
wafts in the air.

The journey was,
Unique to me.
I hope yours,
Is too!
Akshaya Krishnan

The warm breeze sifts,
through my hair.
As I lookout across,
the city at night.

I watch the headlights,
of passing cars.
On a highway rimmed,
with streetlamps.

In the far distance,
I see a lone stranger.
Walking the highway,
Wondering who is that.

Lo! And behold,
Look who I come across.
The lone stranger,
On my street.

I go up to the stranger,
Curious to know.
What the city is like,
Under the blanket of the stars.

The hooded stranger,
looked up at me.
All I saw was me,

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