Little by little

At times you feel stuck a little,
At others you feel all lost and miniscule,
Then try to go about your life, little by little,
Things will seem possible a little more.

Live a little, die a little, every day,
Breathe a little, then a little more,
Put one-foot Infront of another, little by little a day.
Before you ebb away, hum a little, cry a little,

Vent the stifling pain a little,
Clean up the messed-up mind a little,
One day it did be a cleaner a little bit more.
Little by little, makes a lot.

Make this burden bearable a little,
If it cannot be borne at all today, then tomorrow try little bit more.
Look around a little more, no one has it all figured out!
We are all confused a little, uncertain a little more.

Give yourself a chance to bloom a little,
Sooner than later, we did be little more than tiny or miniscule,
Believe in yourself, move forward little by little
This way we will learn to live a little more.

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