Do you know that feeling of regret
Like you are an absolute wreck
When the emptiness takes up all my being
Like I was never a human, just a broken dream

The world turns so shallow
When every bird looks like a sparrow
Every waking hour is a mistake
Just want to stop the pain for god’s sake

The green leaves you once looked at with radiance
Are starting to look like grey pages
Blank like your picture of joy
Why does everyone keep playing me like a toy

Looking at your favourite show
Feels like you’re on death row
And your favourite cuisine
Now tastes like something straight out of a horror scene

Colour-blind to the serenity of the world
You just sit there in this dirt
Thinking what went so wrong
Thinking of all the past times you thought you were strong

But all you’re left with is a broken pillow
Whose cracks are filled with your tears
You can find none of your peers
Near nor far
All that’s left is a bag of burning tar
That was once your heart

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