I am lonely inside
In a corner filled with darkness and nothing to see,
You were the light for me in that darkness
But now it’s fading away,

All now left are the bittersweet memories of the time spent with you
My heart is empty inside,
I cover my pain with fake smiles
I hide my pain from everyone behind my happy face,

I needed you to stay
And I want to hold your hand one more time and cry for the longest time,
But now you are not here
In my heart you are still alive and present,

But that loneliness is not gone and that emptiness is still felt deep inside
I don’t want to be in reality and stay with you forever,
With all the happy moments
I never wanted to lose someone dear to my heart,

I still try to find you in the night sky amidst the bright stars and moon
Hoping you are smiling at me from above,
I want to believe in your existence that you are still there somewhere
I can never forget your sweet and innocent face,

I want to sleep for the longest time and see you in my dreams every night
And wake up from your dreams,
I don’t want your dreams to be over
I don’t want to relive the fear of losing you again,

But I have to be in the present and wake up from the dream
Because life goes on,
I want you to be my light again and give me hope everyday
So that I could move on in my life.

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