Long live the king

Born was the king who rules not a kingdom of riches but the realm of love,
Blessed with children he was, who inherited his boons of power and banes of war alike,
We wore the crowns of honesty and conjured delicacies that were deemed the food of Gods above,
We possessed the mightiest sword of words and the magnificent brush which painted life into even a pike!

Wary we were that all could be burnt by the fires of rage,
No moment was to be lost in pondering,
But these were wars we had to wage,
For we knew that obstinacy only brought pain and suffering!

The seeds of good deeds that were sowed,
Eternally thankful we are,
For they were reaped like a gift bestowed,
By his children who knew he was adorned with no jewel bizarre,

Only the gems of knowledge and moral values placed on his ring,
Happiness and good health we wish for him and let us all hail, long live the king!

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