Lost Love

Erstwhile I unlatched my feelings to you,
The feelings were not new and had grew,
But you wanted me to be your gem, just as a best friend,
And that made me feel like dying to the very end.

I was learning the meaning of life and lime,
When fascination smack me for the first time,
I was deeply into it thinking that it’s a true feeling,
But that wasn’t, it hurts and was not healing.

It all ignited with just a hello,
And now my spirit won’t let you go,
A tremendous battle ignited in my heart that day,
Can’t comprehend what it wanted to say.

You buried me with your every manly look,
My Brain freeze and my knees shook,
I always wanted more and more,
But alas, my presence for you bore.

There were the days where I dreamed you and me,
And even today it’s still you that I see,
I felt that if those sweet dreams turn to reality,
My affection would have last till eternity.

It’s now difficult to respire without you,
And even much burdensome to find any new,
It feels like a suffocating dove.
The way I loved, I wished, you too have loved.

I did whatnot, but went unnoticed,
And in consideration, got “No” from his notice,
I know to love is not to barter,
But I lost you, I lost my laughter.

I vanished myself for him while putting all efforts,
But in end, it was me who was hurt,
I had the fire of Phoenix in my eyes,
But after him, I turned cold, pale, and lost all my wise.

Those movies, food, and outings leveled up the hormone,
Made me to do all follies and I acted much of a Moron,
But this was a period that helped me to discover the truth,
Love does nothing but spoils your time, energy, and youth.

Days passed, months passed, years passed I worked on myself,
I healed from a wound I got in my life for myself,
Guard your heart and spirit and soul and mind,
Unless you want yourself in a disruptive bind.

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