Remember we started the painting together?
With your hands resting just on mine,
The paintbrush was the promise to keep
Each other forever better than fine.
The painting was of the life I saw
Secured with a promising umbrella above
With time the windows took shape through which
I saw us basking under the sunshine of love.
Remember how we wrote the songs?
Where moments and memories where in the sweetest chord
It took years for me to fill them with colours
To mingle warmth with care in our perfect world.

I thought my life was to meet the spring
The birds and flowers were about to return
But time and hopes betrayed me along
You gave me the fall of empty autumn.
I had no strength to raise my voice
To call you back and beg once more
The promise ,the love , the trust were just
Shadows of bliss I had chased for.

After all , the songs were just words
Which if silenced can pass unheard
The paintings couldn’t speak any more
So you could get them easily burned.

The windows were as fragile as me
So you could storm through them and rip them apart
I was shattered like the broken glass
Left with scars of pain on the heart.

Like the sun before setting shades the sky in pink
Robes the sky in colours before disappear,
You left me with your thoughts killing me from inside
Pondering over my hurting past for ever.

My trust sailed away like waves forever
I merely begged for the ripples at the shore
My love was like a handful of sand grains
Which I couldn’t hold back anymore.

Does time have an answer for those words left unsaid?
How could the forgetting be so easy for you?
My weakness lost to your strength again
At least you could have let me say Goodbye to you.

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