Loud Thoughts

You tell me you’re stuck in your head
And feel that there’s no way out
Your thoughts run wild like a fast-flowing river
And the only way to cross it is to drown

You feel your thoughts are loud
And you can’t find the words to explain them
So, your mind goes haywire and falls apart
As the chaos makes it way in

You know not how to ask for help
So, I grab your hand with mine
That simple touch just says it all
Every syllable, every word, every line

It doesn’t make it any better, it doesn’t help
Even when you let it out, I know.
All I have to say to that is
Sometimes you have to let go.

Not every thought needs to be acted upon
Not all of them deserve your attention and care
Just acknowledge their presence in the meadow of your mind
Like playfully galloping mares.

Though some may be of a more destructive nature
And they force you to be unkind
The only thing to do with such thoughts
Is to banish them from your mind.

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