Love and Demise

Years and years ago,
took place a tale of love and demise.
A story truly so touching,
that even the greatest story tellers couldn’t surmise.

There once were two lovers,
with an endearment so strong,
so enchanting that humans and gods, all the same,
envied them.

Cupid learned of love through them,
and their love inspired many more.
but to describe it, poets were at a loss of words,
and in enchantment, the dancers forgot to sway.

One was the beauty reincarnated,
daughter of The God of Death, Callistea
of such captivating looks,
that even nymphs were jealous.

And she loved the noblest,
The God of Nature, Iasonas.
Calm, humble and gentle.
Roses bloomed on his trodden path
and those roses only reminded him of her.

He sent those roses to her every day,
as a token of his love,
and thus a rose now signifies-
all the love in the world.

They had soon decided
decided to take vows,
vows of love, of care and respect,
till death did them apart.

All gods and goddesses were invited,
for the celebration of true love.
Angels sang during the ceremony,
and the God of Death himself officiated his daughter’s wedding.

The God’s emotions got the best of him,
as he saw her daughter in the wedding dress,
and before anyone could stop him,
Death blessed his daughter with his hand on her head.

Everyone stood still, as Death realized what he had done,
Callistea fell to the ground,
alas, with her father’s touch on her head,
she received a blessing- and with it, the curse of death.

Iasonas landed on his knees, looking at Callistea
with the same calm expression,
but now a tear rolling down his cheek,
as his love life flashed before his eyes.

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