Avoiding a lot of messages since months,
Then replying one in millionths.
Making a lot of guys to wait,
Then walking behind one with that awkward gait.

Hearing compliments from people daily,
Then listening things from one which are ordinarily.
Caring for one who might love someone else,
Then living on hopes which might be false.

Finally feeling for that special one,
After living a life all alone.
Fearing someday things would end,
But still making memories with whatever time left to spend.

Had the most beautiful memory with him of lifetime,
This will help me to unwind in my downtime.
After all life is a profusion of enthusiasm,
Budding and flourishing us into its endearing blossom.

Life is a basket of desires,
Diving ideas into circle of believes.
Drenching life from within,
Just like how bacteria feels when he encounters cephalosporin.

Preoccupying heart and mind into temporary glory,
While being away from real victory.
Those who know that love is a gift of god,
Stays away from disloyalty which is enthroned by demigod.

After all cheating is a choice not a mistake,
And loyalty is a responsibility not a choice.
Nothing stays permanent in this mortal world,
And we get what we deserve in the afterworld.

So be a great guy, love the one whom you really want to.
Help who needs your help, and give whatever you can incognito.

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