Love you Dad, love you Dad,
Your very presence makes me glad
You are my hero, I adore
Closed eyes can recognise with your odour.
Holding your finger taught me to walk
Little words taught me to talk
When I was one or two years older
Climbed and sat on your shoulder
Showed me the world so beautiful
Sea sand beach so wonderful
Work hard, your shirt is wet
Wet because of sweat
Labourer in the day, night security guard
In distress console me with sweet words
In your sweat daily bread is hidden
Never felt I am burden
You sacrificed your needs
Sweat on your forehead brittle as beads
You are my hero, magician, a rich man
I adore you, I am your fan
Get me whatever I demand smilingly
Never irritated, get me willingly
Nobody is there your mannerism and look
Why your name not there in my books
Mother is mother when you are there
I am here when you are together
I love you
you dad
You are my god.

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