Love comes with a lot of responsibility
And not everyone can do it without a royalty
Never go on expecting for a sense of equity
For this is how life is, just a plain reality
There is no certainty; it’s all a probability
It is not temporary but a clear continuity
Love demands to be pursued with tenacity
Hard it is to shed the complex of superiority
It is not the quantity but the clear quality
It is an emotion requiring utmost sensitivity
It is a feeling enclosing utmost positivity
Love doesn’t differentiate between ethnicity
And embraces you and your identity
Hardly can one understand the severity
Nobody’s love will have that total sincerity
Love is not a synonym for the word pity
And it cannot reside where one demands authority
An emotion that piques immense curiosity
An emotion that requires a lot of integrity
Turning one’s insanity into total sanity
More than a feeling a place of sanctity
Nobody’s love will give you tranquillity
Only self-love possesses that kind of ability
So at the end just love yourself
Don’t mind if they call you soul less
For this is where you find the most solace.

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