Imagine the calm and eerie silence.
Imagine a land surrounded by sea.
Imagine the winds stopped in its tracks.
Imagine yourself around me.

I may seem strong, mighty and indestructible.
I may seem full of life, graceful and impressionable.
But none of my strength or false bravado matters.
Your presence makes me weak, I become vulnerable.

My mind becomes an intricate mess.
My heart and pulse seems to be in distress.
It’s not that I fear you or I am afraid.
You charm me, disarm me, you make me obsessed.

I don’t know the science or the chemical reaction.
My heart and my brain lose their coordination.
I take a deep breath to calm my nerves.
But your smile and beauty, turn my whole senses to fractions.

Your favourite tunes give a special bliss.
That’s how I feel, when you speak pretty miss!
I may not be the handsomest of men
But I know I’ll make you happy. I’m sure, yes, please!

Now that you see me I hope I don’t disappoint you.
I want to be with you, you’re a beautiful view.
We can be fruitful together, you and I.
I was always yours, will you be mine?

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