Lustrous Seam

Quick feet’s shuffle through the breaking dawn,

Anticipation murmuring through timid steps,

Eyes navigating through the dark,

Onto my quaint little mailbox.

Oh, how I longed to get,

My hands on that lustrous letter,

Paving my way to my future,

A letter from my paramour soldier.

With a bated breath do I reach,

Onto the latch that may hold key,

To the happiness or gloom destined,

May the fates do bless me.

The quaint little mailbox does seem dark,

But I reach out into its unlit hearth,

Grasping the grainy seam,

I feel something different than my dreams.

The envelope marked by the army’s stamp,

No discernable MIA or KIA,

A heaving sigh to my bated breath,

My stilled heart beats again.

Tragic combat for petty gains,

Lost love and lost hope,

Bleeding for the motherland,

But bleeding-hearts stay at home.

My loves letter signifies,

Hope to a once alluring land,

His writings tell of hope,

A fortnight’s return and champagne’s blown.

A smile adorned on my dusty face,

Hope shining through this breaking dawn,

My paramour shall return once again,

My hopes and dreams shall be lit once again.


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