I came from the sea,
He belonged to the mountains.
I was born to flow forever,
While he was firm and grounded.
Opposites attract, I knew that law
But concealed my feelings for quite a long.
Clouds, water, ice and breeze
I could relate us to all of these.

But for me, love was nothing but a sacrifice
And believed people suffered from this sweet lie.
Such was my pride
That I never compromised,
Never let anybody compromise.

On our last meet,
He gave me a pendulum just like me,
Consistent, unstoppable, determined.
I moved from town to town to chase my dream.
While, he stayed all this time
In his valley building his empire.
All fame and glory that I gathered,
In reality, it hardly mattered.

It is true – I loved nobody as I did myself,
But he had an impact on me.
His memories used to flock time and again.
I’m forgetful but somehow, I remembered him.
I had come a long way now,
I thought I would be happy but I was not.

One day, I sat beside the pendulum,
Clinging to my sweetest memories,
I had a rush to stop it and go back right to the beginning.

So, I did, the valley was just the way as I left
But sans him
He left no trace,
Like his name, he was gone.
I could feel him but he was not.

In all these years, I had become him
And he became me.
Again, the opposites,
But this time only to repel.

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