flowers do wither but thorns stay over
for thorns are not scared of withering
the sea of life is such that once a person crosses it never comes back
for life continuous to be a mystery too advance to understand ,
everybody’s a dusty letter in a kept in a sack waiting for his fate to shine
yet to perform his part behind and beyond this place of wraths and tears

waiting to see the black out days ,the menace of the years to stay
waiting for his ship to sail to its destination
from the gates of castles to the bays of seas
waiting to cool his pain
for to live again
bestowing him of his unquiet dreams
sometimes vagary ,sometimes diligent
in a way for peace its path to adorn
to coddiwomple for finding the apricity
in search of a quiescent for radiant enthralling soul
in search for a supernal life .

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